Update vom Rankingbot

  • Im folgenden Patch 1.2.6 wurden viele sachen gepatched und geupdatet (Verbessert). Viele User wird es erfreuen, dass die CPU time und der Ram gesaved wird. Besser denn je. Die exakten Updates sind hier auf gelistet:

    Ps: Viel Spaß weiterhin beim Zocken wünscht euer Gamingzone Admin Team. <3

    1.2.6 (2018-03-25)

    • * increased performance (vs. 1.2.4 again in avg. ~25% better now);
    • saves CPU time and memory (RAM)
    • * updated bootstrap-select to the actual version; bigger selections
    • are now much more faster; thx to caseyjhol the lead developer of it
    • * changed startup process to be sure the auto updater will runs before
    • the config check
    • * changed log file rotation; the Bot did a restart on rotation before,
    • now it will stay connected to the TS3 server
    • * removed unneeded update info check; update notification will now be
    • sent to the admin ID (webinterface -> other), which is multiple since
    • 1.2.4; reworked update notification, which will now be sent on startup
    • after an update
    • * updated italian translation; thx to jacopomozzy
    • + added czech translation; thx to KeviN
    • - fixed bad config check (servergroup not found); if a servergroup is
    • missed, the Ranksystem will first sync all ts3 servergroups and after
    • that check again the config; only if the config is still bad, it will
    • stop
    • - fixed wrong ascending/descending sorting, if the site were changed
    • about the pagination
    • - fixed cross site scriptig vulnerability on stats/list_rankup.php
    • - fixed problem with special characters inside the server group name;
    • 4 byte chars where not possible to save before and run into a database
    • error inside the Ranksystem lol

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